Through education and volunteer work, the Trees & Trails Foundation cooperates with the Village of Indian Hill to renovate and improve our Green Areas and trails for their continued use and ongoing enjoyment by the community.

Our Work

The Indian Hill Green Areas and the bridle trails, have been at the heart of Village life since its founding nearly 100 years ago. In recent years, this invaluable gift, generously donated by countless residents, has been threatened by invasive plants, and trails are showing signs of wear after 100 years of use.

The Trees & Trails Foundation is working with the Village and partner organizations to support proper funding for the complex issues of control and maintenance these areas require, so residents may enjoy them for years to come.

Our Officers

Pam Middendorff, President
Eppa Rixey IV, Vice President
Megan Alley, Secretary

The Alliance

We’re excited to announce that we’ve reached out to several community groups in Indian Hill that share our passion for preserving the natural environment, promoting agriculture, nurturing plants and livestock, and fostering equestrian activities. Discovering our shared goals, we’re thrilled that they’ve agreed to collaborate with us in our mission to enhance our green areas and trails.

Together, we’ve formed an Advisory Board, pooling our resources and expertise to work towards a common objective. We’re honored to have these esteemed partners, who bring decades of conservation experience in Indian Hill, by our side. We warmly welcome any new groups or organizations that share our commitment to stewardship for our natural areas to join our collective effort.

Morley Thompson, Camargo Hunt
Eppa Rixey IV, Green Areas Advisory Board
Carter Randolph, Greenacres Foundation
Meredith Leslie, Greenacres Foundation

Ken Smith, IH Village Parks & Recreations
Jason Donovan, IH Village Rowe Arboretum
Pete McAdams, Indian Hill Equestrian Club
Jen Castellini, Indian Hill Garden Club

Rosemary Welsh, Indian Hill Historical Society
Abby Lundrigan, Turner Farm
Marsha Lindner, Turner Farm
Robert Edmiston, Turner Farm

Message From Our Founder

Having lived most of my life in and around Indian Hill, I’ve always cherished the natural beauty of our Village. The abundance of woods, creeks, and trails sets us apart and is a precious gift from past and present residents. Now, as a grandmother, preserving this resource for future generations is my passion.

The Trees & Trails Foundation, a nonprofit, was created to share our history through the documentary film, “Legacy of Green: the Trees & Trails of Indian Hill.” Understanding our roots is crucial to caring for our land, and we hope this film inspires you to join us in stewardship. While once it was agreed to let nature take its course, we now understand the importance of maintenance and care to sustain vitality in our Green Areas & Bridle Trails.  Given the vast land and trails now owned by the Village, many hands are needed. 

We’re fortunate to have an outstanding Village Administration & Public Works staff, and the mission of Trees & Trails is to amplify their efforts with volunteerism and financial support. Our goal is to secure funds through donations, grants and fund raisers for renovation projects.

We invite you to be part of this collective effort. Whether tending to your greenery in your own backyard or supporting major initiatives, your involvement is both valued and appreciated.

With warm regards,

Pam Middendorff