The Trees & Trails Foundation is a nonprofit organization and was founded last year to raise awareness of Indian Hill’s magnificent Green Areas and to support Village efforts to care for these lands.  In 2023, Trees and Trails produced the documentary film, “Legacy of Green: the Trees & Trails of Indian Hill” which tells the history of our Village and how it developed over time to become the Indian Hill we know today.  Understanding our roots is crucial to caring for our land, and we hope this film inspires you to join us in stewardship for our natural surroundings.  The film is now available on the Trees & Trails website at  

While we are very fortunate to have an outstanding Village Administration & Public Works staff, caring for our natural areas that now include 3,500 acres of land and miles of bridle trails has become a monumental task and many hands are needed.  While once it was the norm to let nature take its course, we now have a better understanding of the importance of continual maintenance to protect the land from invasive species, erosion and pests.  The mission of the Trees & Trails Foundation is to amplify Village efforts by organizing volunteers to lend a helping hand and provide financial support for specific projects through donations, grants and fund raising.

There are many other organizations who believe our mission is important to the vitality of our Green Areas and we are proud and honored to have several groups who have agreed to support this work.  The alliance includes the Greenacres Foundation, Turner Farm, Indian Hill Equestrian Club, Camargo Hunt, Indian Hill Historical Society, Indian Hill Garden Club, Green Areas Advisory Committee and Rowe Arboretum.  If you think your organization would like to join us, all are welcome.  Please contact us through our website at  

We also invite YOU to become a part of this collective effort and hope you will consider becoming a member.  Member events will include trail & invasives clearings, educational programs and member only events. You can check out our current event calendar on our website.